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Our exposure to most toxic pollutants is indoors

Curse this house
If you thought your home was a haven from life’s hazards, think again. Rebecca Renner sneaks a look at the demons lurking in your carpet.

IT’S PLAYTIME at Emma’s house. Children in constant motion seem to be everywhere–under the dining room table, playing with toys, hugging the dog. Oops, Emma’s eating Cheerios off the carpet and Johnny’s licking the coffee table. Johnny, who is two, may put 76 things in his mouth in the course of an hour–toys, his fingers, someone else’s fingers –a recent study is covered. Emma, who is four, has more self-control, but she may still put 38 things in her mouth every hour. Their parents might not stop to think about it, but Emma and Johnny, like all kids, are little guinea pigs testing the toxicity of whatever pollutants are in their home. (more…)