Ten Healthy Ways To Love Yourself

  1. Make adequate sleep a priority- Getting to bed a little earlier will help protect your mood and your health. Most of us need about 8 hours a night. Chronic sleep deprivation has also been linked to the development of obesity, impaired immunity, heart disease, and several kinds of cancer. You’ll know you are getting enough sleep each day if you wake up feeling refreshed. If you find that you have trouble staying focused, or it takes only a few minutes to fall deep into sleep, or that you ‘nod off’ during the day, chances are you’re not getting enough sleep. Sleep also helps us in less visible ways. During sleep, the body secretes a hormone that repairs and regenerates tissue throughout the body. It may also be instrumental in reinforcing our memories.
  2. Breathe clean air- “Clean” does not have a smell. Use green products which are highly concentrated, biodegradable and pH correct.
    Highly concentrated green products are those you mix yourself, so that you can use your own tap water. This makes them extremely economical to use and at the same time saves the waste of hundreds of empty plastic bottles while avoiding toxins in your breathing space.
  3. Choose supplements wisely- Research. Know the purity of the product, know how it’s manufactured, and know that it’s safe. Bioavailability of the supplement is essential. If it does not break down, it cannot feed the cells. If you give your body the right tools, it will create it’s own proper balance.
  4. Attitude is everything- Expect the best. Wake up thinking , “Things will go great today” and they just might! People who live long and healthy lives are optimist people. Did you know that when you smile, even if you aren’t happy, your brain will believe you are. Whatever challenging circumstances happen in your life, make the best of them. Repeat positive affirmations to encourage yourself.
  5. Forgiveness is key- Harboring feelings and thereby not forgiving others, or yourself, can actually make you physically ill. The best part is that once you forgive, stress is reduced because you no longer hold resentment or anger. Forgiving others is a deed you do unto yourself and it’s a wonderful healing agent.
  6. Get 30 minutes daily activity- Biking, walking, jogging, yoga…it doesn’t matter. Just be consistent. Keep your body active or it will rust. Make it a commitment to yourself. If you belong to a gym, keep going or go for a walk outside every day. The walk will control stress in your life as well as give you the added bonus of calorie burning. Whatever works for you and your schedule, just keep moving.
  7. Eat Well -Focus on high fiber, low fat- Make sure that you’re getting lots of fruits and vegetables. They’re loaded with antioxidants. Try fitting them into mid morning and afternoon snacks as well as loading up at breakfast, lunch and dinner. The rule of thumb is 5-10 serving a day, but that really is too broad a range. Aim for 10 a day and your body will thank you for it.
  8. Add good bacteria- Probiotics, often called “friendly” or “good” bacteria– are live microorganisms that are similar to those found in the human digestive tract. These beneficial bacteria are associated with numerous health benefits. Look for a probiotic made with a triple encapsulation process and guaranteed live delivery of the lactobacillus acidophilus to the small intestine and bifidus to the colon. This will build the immune system and keep undesirable bacteria in check
  9. Hydrate your body- Staying properly hydrated throughout the day is essential for an optimally functioning of the body. Water is a part of every cell, tissue, and organ and accounts for approximately 60% of your body weight. Adequate water also leads to increased energy levels. The most common cause of daytime fatigue is actually mild dehydration. The average person loses 2.5 liters of water each day through normal sweating, exhalation, and elimination. This loss must be replaced. It is recommended that women consume about 2.2 liters (9 cups) of water per day and that men consume 3 liters (13 cups) of water per day. There is nothing easier to do for your health than to drink filtered water. It is the catalyst to flushing out the toxins and keeping the body healthy.
  10. Unwind daily with a stress reduction practice such as meditation- Stress reduction meditation is often a natural home remedy for insomnia. When you feel relaxed before you attempt to sleep, you have a far better chance of resting peacefully through the night. Here is an easy method for stress meditation that you can try: First, find a quiet room. Find a comfortable position on the floor using a cushion if desired. Rest your hands lightly in your lap. Try to relax with your eyes closed. Take deep breaths in and out through your nose. Focus on your breath. As you exhale, count each breath. Count to ten. Repeat until you find yourself in a relaxed state. Attempt to banish all thoughts other than counting your breath from your mind. If a thought does enter your mind, recognize it for a moment. Once you have done that, gently let the thought flow away and go back to focusing on your breathing. When you are done meditating, stretch your body out gently and focus your awareness on your body before you get back up. A variety of stress reduction meditation methods and anxiety relaxation techniques are also available on audio CD.
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