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Water…life’s best health drink

Why is water essential for good health?

  • Water gives our cells their shape and form.
  • Water helps our body’s delivery system.
  • Blood, kidney, heart and lungs are made of about 80% water.
  • Since blood is 83% water, it regulates our body temperature when moving from hot to cold or when affected by flu and viruses.
  • Bones contain about 22% water.
  • Brain tissue is about 85 per cent water.
  • Muscle, spleen, brain, intestines, & skin are 72 to 75% water.
  • Fat tissue (or adipose tissue) is about 10% water.
  • Water is vital to healthy digestion.
  • Water rids the body of waste during weight loss and helps metabolize fat more efficiently.
  • When the body gets enough water, the feeling of hunger diminishes, eliminating the need for snacking.