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Taking Charge of Our Life As We Age

According to the most recent data, people are living longer.  In 1950, there were 14.5 million people in the world who were age 80 and older.  In 2009, that number climbed from 14.5 million to nearly 102 million.  Experts project that by 2050, there will be 395 million people who are 80 or older.  Many could be engaged, alert, active members of society with relatively few disabilities.�

Lifestyle choices definitely affect longevity.  It’s also true that genes play a role.  Most experts believe that only about 30% of how long we live is determined by our genetic makeup and up to 70% of lifespan differences may be explained by lifestyle choices that include our activity level, whether or not we smoke, alcohol consumption and  if we are a healthy weight.