Building Health at the Cellular Level

Cells are building blocks of the body. Cells are made of minerals, vitamins, protein and some other important nutrients such as water, carbohydrates, fats and oxygen,   but think of it as MVP, most valuable player.  The vitality of a person is only as strong as their cells.  The human body is made of about 75 trillion of them.

The body is really a miraculous thing.  Cells have great powers to take care of themselves unless they are overwhelmed by things such as poor diet, unhealthy habits or environmental hazards.

Each cell has a wall, the membrane, whose purpose it is to keep out toxins, bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances.   This cell membrane also prevents necessary material from leaking out.  This membrane is made mostly of fats and oils.  However, when made out of the wrong fats and oils, our cells do not function properly.  For instance, trans fats are rigid molecules, so they create a rigid cell membrane that lacks elasticity…so we end up with torn tissues, blood vessels and so on.  Essential fatty acids like omega guard with full spectrum omega 3 fatty acids helps to keep this elasticity.

Every day millions of cells die off and need to be replaced with new ones which must perform certain functions and communicate with other cells. Chronic shortage of MVP, causes the cells to malfunction.  In other words, they may not communicate as well, not build new ones as quickly, etc.  Specific vitamins called Anti-oxidants (which means “against oxidation”) protect the cells against oxidation or rusting of the cell, caused by free radical damage.

As we go through our daily lives, we may be unaware this shortage is happening.  However, the body does give us warning signs.  We may begin to have digestive problems, headache, fatigue, insomnia, allergies so we go to the drugstore to grab an over the counter medication.  That medication is not building health, but just suppressing symptoms.  We spend money to bring us back to what we determine as “healthy” since we are now symptom free.  We continue this scenario until one day our warning signs become a little more severe such as severe allergies, bladder infection, blood pressure problems, asthma, arthritis, diabetes, thyroid problems, etc, so we go to the doctor.  This time, we spend more money to bring us back to what we feel is “healthy” since we are once again symptom free.  This disease care is happening too often, but at least we have several diagnosable diseases that we can tell our friends about.

Now, shortages of our MVP are chronic and the cells slow down even more in terms of communication and repair.  This time we have a symptom that sends us to the hospital such as chest pains or gallstones.  We spend even more money for meds, surgery, hospital stay, but we feel “healthy” since we are once again symptom free.  This happens over and over again.  Finally, shortages are chronic and cells come to a screeching halt repairing and self-regulating.  The cells deteriorate into a disease state  from which we cannot recover and this is premature death.

How do we stop this downward spiral?  We have to shift our perspective from disease care to health care.  Let’s begin with removing toxins that interferes with normal cell function? Toxins are like grains of sand that gunk up cellular machinery and cause cell manufacturing to shut down.   There is little or no cellular communication and important substances such as enzymes no longer create chemical reactions that make life possible.

Toxins are internal and external.   External toxins are in our food, water, air, homes and work environment, but we also create toxins within our body that comes from stress and free radicals.  Toxins can be created from white flour, white sugar, excess salt, hydrogenated oils, alcohol, nicotine, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, flavors, additives, food dyes, pesticides, artificial ripening agents, radiation, genetic modification, medications,  drinking water and household cleaners, to name a few. Not all toxins affect all of us in the same way due to differing lifestyles, genetic predisposition, nutritional condition or how one handles stress.

Where do we start? First, we make a decision to make a lifestyle change. We can learn to minimize our exposure to toxins as much as possible as well as help our cells with nutrition and the detoxification process. Second, we can buy organic, which will cost a little more, but contain fewer toxins and better nutrition. Third, we can put some money toward supplementing our diet with bio-optimized nutrients that actually work at the cellular level.  Fourth, we can spend a little on exercise, such as a gym membership, some walking shoes, etc.  Fifth, we can work on our attitude, which will not cost anything.  Our positive thoughts and positive reaction to life’s events can enhance cellular health.  Sixth, we can get adequate sleep, which costs nothing as well. Seventh, we may decide to spend a little money on a massage or a chiropractic adjustment for prevention.  So, you see, health is a choice. You are spending money either way.  However, when you spend on managing disease, you get side effects; when you spend on optimal health, you get side benefits!

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