Keeping Our Immune System Healthy All Winter Long

How does our Immune System Function ?

As most of you remember from high school biology, we have red blood cells and white blood cells.  The purpose of the white blood cells is to swim through the bloodstream looking for things that don’t belong there.  When they find foreign substances (germs), …for instance, bacteria or  virus, these white blood cells surround the germ, open up and gobble it up!  This only becomes a problem for us when a germ shows up and our white blood cells fail to function properly.  That’s when we come down with virual infections, colds, sore throats, etc. Our immunity is much more a factor of resistence than it is exposure.

What would keep the White Blood Cells From Functioning Properly?
There are certain foods that we know suppress the immune system and slow down our white blood cells, such as, sugar, alcohol, and some medications.  Stress and negative emotion plays a major role in suppressing the immune system as well.  Another thing that distracts our immune system and pulls it away from it’s work involves the health our lower intestine.   Proper functioning of our immune system is directly related to the health of the microflora in our lower intestine.  If our lower intestine has less of the “good guys” (acidolphilus and bifidus bacteria) and more of the “bad guys” (e-coli, salmonella, candida, etc), then a great deal of our immune function is deployed down in the lower intestines attempting to keep the  bad bacteria in check so that they don’t completely over-run the body.  This means that there is less immune function for the rest of the body. 
Which Nutrients Play an Effective Role in Strengthening Our Immune System?

Whether dealing with allergies and recurring sinus infections or something more chronic such as Lupus, Chronic Fatigue, Cancer, rheumatoid illnesses or other auto-immune diseases, nutrients play an effective role in strengthening our immune system.

Having concern for the functioning of our immune system starts with overall strengthening of all of our cells for the basic health of the body.  There is nothing better than eating a balanced diet, while supplementing with our Rx for Healthier Life nutrition program.  This includes Vivix, Nutriferon, Cinch Soy Protein and a Vitalizer strip which contains 2 Vita-Lea,  1 B-Complex – Vita-C combo, 2 Caroto-E-Omega 3 combo and 1 optiflora probiotic .


Vita-C (the infection fighter) … contributes to the health of the white blood cells.  Deficiency symptoms include bruising easily, bleeding gums, nose bleeds, varicose and spider veins.  Vita-C is essential for building our connective tissue and the walls of our blood vessels.  It also is very important for healing of wounds.  Chronic infection is often an indication of a vitamin C deficiency.  Allergies, frequent colds, prickly heat, swollen

glands, anemia and even polyps in the colon are all associated with the classic vitamin C deficiency and a weakened immune system.  Vita-C  is categorized as an antioxidant nutrient because of it’s protective effect of the body against everything from smog, smoke and air pollution to preservatives and additives in our food that can be toxic like nitrates and processed foods.  Shaklee’s Vita-C  is a vitamin C Complex and not just ascorbic acid.

Formula I is a unique proprietary formula that Shaklee scientists developed which brings together eight nutrients, found to be essential for our immune system. Studies showed that this formula of nutrients increased the T-Cells, which is one form of white blood cells. 

NutriFeron is a another unique formula that Shaklee developed and is truly an advanced nutraceutical—not even vitamins and minerals (it is made from seeds and flowers!!). This amazing product prompts the body’s natural production of interferon and increases the activity of the immune system cells.

Vita-E  is also part of the antioxidant family and is very important for the immune system and for healing.

 Zinc works as a trigger for over 70 different enzymes whose function range from making the genetic material of DNA and RNA to helping with the metabolism of fatty acids.

Garlic is a natural antibiotic / anti-viral product.  It is also a natural  decongestant, therefore, it is very helpful for people who have upper respiratory issues.  It is beneficial for circulation, lowering cholesterol, and lowering blood pressure as well as helping to kill off intestinal parasites and yeast.  Most companies  heat and age their garlic so it loses it’s natural potency.  Shaklee was able to capture this potency and  it gives us all the properties of fresh raw garlic without the odor. 

Shaklee  DR is to be taken on a periodic basis when feeling like getting sick or like the immune system is depressed. This stimulates the white blood cells to kill bacteria.  It has positive side benefits…not side effects.

Opti-flora  is the acidolphlius- bifidus product that gradually restores the proper flora in the lower intestines and pushes out the bacteria and candida yeast as well as other things growing in the intestine that weakens the immune system. If we increase the health of the colon by introducing the good bacteria then it frees up immune function to go to other parts of our body so that we stay healthy.

What Other Factors Help the Immune System  to Function Better?

Detoxification This is important for the filtering mechanisms of the body.

DTX… detoxifies the liver.

Herb-Lax… speeds the elimination of toxic substances through the intestines and out of the body.

Fiber… traps and removes toxins. 

Rest has a large impact on the immune system.  We need seven to eight hours sleep each night.   It is during our periods of rest that our bodies work on the repairing, rebuilding and restoring of our cells, which are constantly dying off and needing to be replaced.

Exercise contributes substantially to our immune system.

Water is also very important to our immune system.  Our bodies are 70% water.  It plays a crucial role in building up and strengthening the body by carrying nutrients to the cell as well as by carrying toxins out of the body.  Drink eight glasses of get clean water a day. 

Positive Mental Attitude is very necessary for a strong immune system.  Stress will suppress our immune system more than any other factor.  We may feel life is closing in on us and really want to have a happy mood, but can’t seem to be happy.  If this is the case, we may need to add more B Complex as well as Moodlift, and Stess Relief Complex.  

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